CADC Session 3, Friday, Exhibition Day!

Session 3 is over here at 812 Franklin, but what a wonderful final exhibition and celebration we had on Friday!! I would like to say THANK YOU so much to all of the amazing teachers, volunteers, and staff that made this week happen! They did such an incredible job and their hard work and dedication really shows. In addition, we treasured time with each of the campers we got to work with and appreciated the support and encouragement of the parents, guardians, and families as well. You are a joy to work with! Please enjoy our grand finale final virtual exhibit below. See you next year!!

For our installation this week, campers wrote positive, encouraging or wise sayings on strips of colorful paper which they then shaped into stars that were displayed at the exhibit for parents, guardians and families to take and enjoy. There were additional strips of paper and directions so others could create these as well. I hope some of you were able to learn! Campers also created “star books” for a hanging rainbow installation.


CADC Session 3, Thursday, Day 4

There is still a lot going on during our second-to-last day of Creative Arts Day Camp this summer!! We are so sad that it is almost over, but we are so encouraged by all of the amazing works of art the campers have created. Here’s a peek at what went on today!

In Ms. Olivia’s class, K-2 students got the opportunity to mix food coloring, salt and vinegar in order to create their own colorful sand! They then went outside and made collaborative temporary art by drawing with sand. Students loved creating the colors and then using them for artistic purposes!


Ms. Olivia demo-ing the sand creations!IMG_5469IMG_5470IMG_5472IMG_5474IMG_5476IMG_5477

Sand creationIMG_5478IMG_5479IMG_5480

Making the sand!IMG_5481IMG_5482IMG_5484IMG_5485

In Ilene’s 5th & 6th grade class, students were creating 3D sculptural gifts as well as continuing to engage with humor as a jumping off point for art.IMG_5488IMG_5489IMG_5490IMG_5491IMG_5492IMG_5493IMG_5495IMG_5496IMG_5497IMG_5498IMG_5500

3rd-4th graders in Ms. Sam’s class continued working on their positive monuments about kindness. Today was painting day!


K-2nd grade campers in Ms. Thomas’ continued to explore emotion by making unique clay emoji faces! So fun!IMG_5515IMG_5517IMG_5518IMG_5519IMG_5521IMG_5522IMG_5524

In Ms. Martin’s 7-9 grade class, campers finished up their “Frankenpets” that expressed their unique individual styles! These were certainly a sight to behold. :)IMG_5529IMG_5530IMG_5531IMG_5533IMG_5534IMG_5535IMG_5536IMG_5538IMG_5539IMG_5540

Check in tomorrow for our FINAL exhibition pictures!!!

CADC Session 3, Tuesday, Day 2

Today in Ms. Thomas’ 5th & 6th grade class, students were working on drawing what they saw out of the window, adding found objects to further embellish their pastel drawings. They talked about how everyone’s drawings are unique and everyone sees things from their own perspectives. Continuing this theme of unique identities, they discussed diversity and made a “diversity tree,” each camper contributing a different element to make it varied.IMG_5397IMG_5398IMG_5399IMG_5400IMG_5401IMG_5402IMG_5404IMG_5405IMG_5407

Students helped each other out, tracing each others’ hands and discussing artwork together!IMG_5408IMG_5409Assembling the tree for the show!IMG_5411Kindergarten-2nd grade students in Ms. Olivia’s class explored their conceptions of themselves by creating some AMAZING self portraits! They also looked at animation throughout the ages. Watching a video about the animation for the movie Brave helped them understand this process.


LOVE the hair!IMG_5417IMG_5419

Learning about animation!IMG_5420IMG_5422IMG_5424IMG_5426IMG_5428In Ms. Sam’s 3rd & 4th grade class, campers created monuments about times that they or someone else did a kind deed, or monuments that encouraged others to do a kind deed. Students had wonderful ideas, and were making monuments to their grandfathers, to famous historical figures such as Martin Luther King, and about issues such as helping endangered animals. IMG_5429IMG_5430IMG_5431IMG_5433IMG_5434IMG_5436IMG_5437Mercedes’ monument that raises awareness about endangered animals!IMG_5438IMG_5439IMG_5440IMG_5441IMG_5442IMG_5443IMG_5444Students in Ms. Martin’s 5th & 6th class were super proud of these sculptural creations! They were creating gifts for others using art.IMG_5446IMG_5448IMG_5449IMG_5451IMG_5452IMG_5454

Later, in Ms. Martin’s 7-9th grade class, campers created Frankenpets. They talked about personal style and how it is hard to find out what you want to do. Customizing a stuffed animal is one way that these artists can find their voices. Students combined parts of several animals to create unique artistic expressions.


CADC Session 3, Tuesday, Day 2

Day 2 of Session 3 provided a lot more excitement and variety of projects for campers of each age group. Check out the amazing projects below!

In Ms. Sam’s 7-9 class, campers are learning about the theme of their “empowered selves” by creating incredible life-size replicas of themselves out of packing tape and Saran Wrap! These bodies will be posed in positions that make the students feel empowered, and clothes may be added for extra pizzaz!


In Ms. Martin’s 3-4 class, students created an oil pastel transfer, in which they drew themselves as magical creatures! This is part of a larger theme about


Students in Ms. Thomas’ K-2 class looked at portions of the movie Inside Out to understand cartoons and emotions. Campers drew characters based on feelings that were colorful and playful. They are learning to express themselves through art.


5th and 6th graders in Ms. Olivia’s class today focused on the theme of activism, and discussed raising awareness of a global problem. They altered pictures in Photoshop, printed them out, cut them with X-acto, and will finally print them on t-shirts or fabric!


Check back with us as the week continues to see everyone’s progress!

CADC Session 3, Monday, Day 1

We are so pumped to be heading into our last week of camp and still having a blast! Campers are already exploring a variety of materials and themes. In Ms. Martin’s 5-6 grade class, students were focusing on environmentalism. Using fabric and cardboard as their mediums, students created recycled items in order to give them to friends. Ms. Martin discussed how much cheaper it is to MAKE gifts instead of buying them, and can provide an alternative to the consumerist culture.

IMG_3296IMG_3297IMG_3298IMG_3299IMG_3300IMG_3301IMG_3302IMG_3303Ms. Sam’s 3-4 class is focusing on the theme of empowerment this week by creating their “empowered selves.” Today they were tracing each others’ bodies, creating the basis of a week-long project in which they will explore their personalities. They will focus on different aspects of the body each day, from the heart (what you want to do for the world) to the head (what you think about), to the rest of themselves!IMG_3304IMG_3305IMG_3306IMG_3307IMG_3308IMG_3309IMG_3310IMG_3311IMG_3312

Ms. Sam’s K-2 class did a get-to-know you community building activity with string! What a creative way to help everyone feel comfortable and make friends on the first day!IMG_3313IMG_3314In Ms. Ilene’s 7-9 grade class, campers learned about Chihuly’s incredible glass sculptures, focusing on environmentalism, recycling, and how art installations can transform a space. They talked about spaces that they care about to make it relevant. Campers began to color the cups that they will later warp to imitate the look of glass. IMG_3315IMG_3316IMG_3317IMG_3318IMG_3319IMG_3321IMG_3322IMG_3323

In Ms. Erin’s class, students learned about Post-Impressionism and looked at Van Gogh’s paintings to study self-portraiture. Then they created their own self-portraits using chalk pastel in a slightly abstracted style.


Campers in K-2 also started on the body tracing empowerment project in Ms. Sam’s class. She gave an oil pastel demonstration and showed students how to draw what they care about to put in their hearts.IMG_3335IMG_3336IMG_3337IMG_3338

In Ms. Olivia’s 5th & 6th grade technology class, campers learned about Banksy and how he raises awareness through street art. They then researched their own social issues that they want to address through their projects this week.


Stay tuned for more in the days to come!

CADC Session 2, Friday, Exhibition Day!

Hello All! Sorry for the delay–we have been having some technical difficulties, but here are the photos from last Friday’s INCREDIBLE exhibition! Students created some amazing art last week and we are so proud of all the hard work that they have done. First, some in-process photos:


And finally, the virtual exhibit!

The campers also had a special surprise for the parents in the form of an interactive installation that they have been working on at lunch for the past week. Campers made over 1,000 pieces of origami, inspired by the Japanese legend that making 1,000 paper cranes can make a wish come true. Campers wrote wishes, then broke these down into individual kind deeds that they wrote on origami hearts. Parents could then take a heart with a kind deed and “complete the wish,” as well as write their own wish to leave. It was a wonderful experience of spreading joy to each other and the world, made possible by the efforts of campers and counselors!


CADC Session 2, Thursday, Day 4

It was really fun to see the evolution of the projects on this fourth day of camp! Everyone is really progressing and digging into the themes that the teachers have so thoughtfully planned. The work looks amazing!

In Ms. Sam’s 7-9 class, campers were working on finishing up photo selfie collages of that show monumental moments in their lives, with filters and variations added to further express emotion. They also continued working on gifs of people that inspire them, which they are creating using stop-motion.


In Ms. Ilene’s 3-4 class, the campers learned about the food industry, and made junk food out of cardboard and model magic because fast food has about the same nutritional value as these materials! They will finish this up tomorrow.


K-2 campers in Ms. Olivia’s class worked on painting their pinch pots, which they made to house their plants as part of their focus on environmentalism.


Ms. Ilene’s class was also focusing on the environment in 5th & 6th grade. Students made pillows out of recycled materials after learning sewing techniques. Reusing was a major theme!IMG_5159IMG_5160IMG_5161IMG_5162IMG_5163IMG_5164IMG_5166IMG_5167IMG_5169IMG_5170IMG_5172IMG_5173

7-9 grade campers in Ms. Olivia’s class were making BEAUTIFUL paper plants to put inside their homemade containers.IMG_5174IMG_5175IMG_5176IMG_5177IMG_5178IMG_5179IMG_5180IMG_5182IMG_5183

In Ms. Thomas’ class, students went outside to practice observational drawing en plein air before they returned to the classroom to learn about different ways to portray their environments, including options with more abstraction.IMG_5184IMG_5185IMG_5186IMG_5187IMG_5188IMG_5189IMG_5190

Sneak preview of Friday’s installation!IMG_5191